A comprehensive solution for companies, primarily
in the business of renting items on short- or long-term basis.

Product Overview

b1 Rental solution covers an entire gamut of business functions that includes rental reservation, quotations, returns, invoicing, Inventory and Asset Management &; Maintenance. b1 Rental solution is seamlessly integrated and uniquely designed to run on SAP Business One ERP.

Some of the unique functions of B1 Rental:

✓ Built inside SAP Business One leveraging on B1 functionalities.
✓ Seamlessly integrated with Fixed Assets.
✓ Track both serialized and non-serialized items.
✓ Easy order management.
✓ Define rental contracts with provision of flexible price policies and volume discounts.
✓ Periodical invoicing for items and services.
✓ Rental Contracts and Billing Contracts.
✓ Manage inventory across multiple warehouses in multiple locations.
✓ Customized Kit definitions.

Key Benefits

Benefits of b1 Rental includes:

Rental Inventory

✓ Mark items as rental items.
✓ Define Rental Kits
✓ Rental Availability Window - Check availability of rental items based upon rentals out, rental returns
    and purchase orders received.
✓ Convert rental items into assets.
✓ Locate inventory in multiple locations using items, serial number and equipment number.
✓ Reports indicating rental status of items based upon specific periods.

Asset Management & Maintenance
✓ Maintain Asset Register for rental items.
✓ Asset tracking & bar-coding.
✓ Asset Accounting.
○ Depreciation
○ Transfers
○ Disposals
✓ Asset maintenance.

✓ Auto asset creation.
✓ Conversion the trading inventory to asset inventory.
✓ Batch Serial controlling for better reporting.
✓ Appraisal of assets.
✓ Depreciation of assets.
✓ Transfer of asset.
✓ Maintaining the asset register.

Rental Orders
✓ Easy direct entry of Rental Orders for equipment rental. Orders can also be created automatically from     quotations and reservations.
✓ Define billing cycles with different billing denominators.
✓ Show rental availability whilst processing the order.
✓ Rental pricing can be based upon length of rental factors.
✓ Allow partial dispatch and return of rental items on the order.

Rental Return Invoicing
✓ Receive rental items back into inventory.
✓ Mark items for inspection and maintenance prior to receiving into inventory.
✓ Account for consumed and damaged items.
✓ Full invoicing and settlement on rental return.
✓ Periodic invoicing.
✓ Contractual invoicing.
✓ Expected returns reporting.

Additional Products


b1 Real Estate is a complete property management suite developed for real estate companies and property owners to manage their end to end activities.

Product Overview

b1 Real Estate solution covers every gamut of the business activities that is paramount to real estate business domain. Some of the unique features & functions of b1 Real Estate:

✓ Property Management
    Adding all the details of the different properties (Project, Tower, Apartment, Villa, Office, shop, store,     Showroom, land, etc.) and attach photos and files related.

✓ Contact Management
    Adding all the details of the persons (Tenant, Seller, Buyer, Landlord, Investor, suppliers, Brokers, etc.) and     attach all details about customer/ vendors.

✓ Lead Management.
    Adding all the details of the Leads (Lead Source, assign to Sales Person, Priority, Follow up Reminders,     Communications, Emails.

✓ Contract Management
    Create and print Different Contracts (Rental, Sales, Purchase, Brokerage), follow-up and re-scheduling of     installments, termination, renewal of contracts.
o Auto reflect of booking amount.
o Any Period Contract.
o Commission.
o All Type of Service Fee with different revenue accounts.
o Security Deposit.
o Parking Fee.
o Ejari Fees.
o Chilled Water Charges.
o Signage charges.

✓ Bills & Collection Management.
    Generate, Print and collect the bills of different fees (Electricity bills, water bills, cooling bills, maintenance     bills, etc.).

✓ Cheque Management
    Follow-up all cheque transactions starting from receiving cheque, submit to bank, clear or return the cheque.

✓ Purchase Module
    Item Setup, Requisitions, LPO, Receiving, Returning, Issuing.

✓ VAT Module - Tax Module
    SAP Business One has inbuilt tax engine, using which we can configure automatic tax code based on the     contract type (Residential, commercial).

✓ VAT Module - Tax Reporting
    From SAP B1 we can directly generate the TAX report as per FTA requirement.

✓ Expenses Management
    Entering all expenditure (general or related to properties) are captured in this module based on this we can     generate the profit and loss for each tower or property during any period.

✓ Fully Integrated Financial System.
o Receipt Vouchers.
o Payment Vouchers.
o Payable Invoices.
o Journal Vouchers.
o Recurring Posting.
o Cheque Return.
o Un-earned Income.
o Rent Income Generation.
o Journal Vouchers.
o Revenue Posting.

✓ Alerts and Notifications System
    SAP B1 provide automated alert system which can be configured by e-mail, in system including (contract     renewal alerts, Delayed Installments alerts, cheque be collected alerts, Bounced cheque alert expired     Documents and company licenses alerts, etc.).

✓ Document Management
    Archive all images and files relating to persons, properties, unit, contracts, accounts, personnel and others all     can be attached to all transactions.

✓ Maintenance Management
    Using this module, we can manage entire maintenance related activates from call booking, technician     scheduling, inventory transfer, additional service bill generation etc.

✓ Reports
o Rent Income Generation Report.
o Contract Status Report.
o Open Installments Report.
o Tax Report.
o Building Occupancy Status Report.
o Tenet Statement of Account.
o Cheque Issued Report.
o Returned Cheque Report.
o Unit Availability Status Report.
o Incoming Payment Report
o Expense Report.
o Property Statement.
o Termination Statement.
o Received Cheque Status Report.
o All Accounting Reports.
o Profit & Loss report by Building.
o Profit & Loss report by Unit.
o Balance Sheet.
o Trail Balance.
o General Ledger.
o Service Call Status Report.

✓ Alerts
o Tenant Passport Expiry Alert.
o Tenant Visa Expiry Alert.
o Employee Insurance Expiry.
o Employee Passport Expiry Alert.
o Employee Visa Expiry Alert.
o Company trade document expiry alert.
o PDC issued Alert.
o PDC to be Deposited Alert.
o Contract Expiry Alert.

Product Demo

Key Benefits

Benefits of B1 Real Estate includes:

✓ Increases the overall efficiency of property managers.
✓ Advanced real time access to business information’s.
✓ Better time management since it reduces paper works.
✓ Better material management.
✓ Better budget allocation & accounting management.
✓ Automation of tasks.
✓ Efficient customer support through the use of real estate CRM.
✓ Offers online payments functionality to its tenants.
✓ Handling of property maintenance request & increased security.

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Additional Products

b1 PDT

PDT Solution is a Single System to Streamline for PDT to control the movement tracking and storage of materials within your warehouse.

Product Overview

B1 PDT solution covers an entire gamut of warehouse business functions.

Some of the unique functions:

✓ Barcode Scanning.
✓ GRPO Standalone.
✓ GRPO against Purchase order.
✓ Goods Receipt.
✓ Sales invoice normal.
✓ Sales invoice intercompany.
✓ Stock Transfer.
✓ Handle last Purchase price.
✓ Auto creation of Inventory and marketing Document Creation by PDT.
✓ Internal Stock movement and Sales.

Product Demo

Key Benefits

Standard features of B1 PDT includes:

✓ New Inventory item barcode generation.
✓ Inventory Management with warehouse maintenance in GRPO (Stock In).
✓ Sales Invoice through bar-coding item selection.
✓ Dispatch Management with Packing list by barcode scanning & PDT (Stock Out).
✓ Stock Transfer through the PDT.
✓ Stock In through PDT.
✓ Inventory Management through Barcode & PDT.
✓ Sales Transaction through PDT.
✓ GRPO Transaction through PDT.
✓ Stock Transfer & Purchase Return through PDT.
✓ Additional solutions.
o Barcode Printing.
o Inventory position and Physical stock posting through PDT.
o Stock Counting & inspection.
o Real-time business decisions anytime and anywhere mean higher productivity.

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Additional Products


Fashion industry specific integrated solution is designed & developed to run on SAP BusinessOne for Fashion and Consumer Products.

Product Overview

Without technology, it can be hard to turn your strategic vision into reality. SAP Business One can be configured to ensure you stay focused on innovation and anticipation of buyer demand. With SAP Business One, you can automate processes, to achieve your goals with fewer resources, and build real-time insight, from across your organisation – so you can focus on delivering a superior customer experience.

✓ Visibility
Delivering real-time inventory visibility, supply chain monitoring and analysis of customer's buying behaviors, so they can maximize customer loyalty and revenue.
✓ Analytics
Creating advanced predictive stock analytics that help forecast demand and align stock to distribution centers - offering greater product availability and reduced inventory costs.
✓ Synchronization
Synchronizing supply chain across your networks to ensure demand is fulfilled optimally, from anywhere. This enables a quick, seamless, omni-channel customer experience, at all times.
✓ Data Insight
Combining customer and supply chain data, to develop promotions, assortments and programs that increase customer satisfaction and inventory turnover.
✓ Accuracy
Ensuring you can manage inventory accurately enough to stock-up with the right stuff, across many locations and operate an holistic logistics network.
✓ Agility
Providing the agility needed to move products quickly, which ensures a fast, seamless, omni-channel customer experience, at anytime and anywhere.
✓ Understanding
Understanding consumer's buying behaviors around key trends (including color), to optimize promotions, prices, and markdowns - resulting in customer satisfaction and inventory turnover.
✓ Forecast
Analytics that accurately forecast consumer demands, so you can keep your distribution centers well stocked in line with demand.


✓ Setup your Product Catalogue with unlimited variants (Colours, Widths, Length, Cup, Size etc.).
✓ Styles can be related to Seasons, Capsules (delivery window), Brands, Groups etc.
✓ Define Barcodes, Customer Style Numbers, Pre-Pack ratios.
✓ Upload and display pictures at the style and variant level.
✓ Setup prices in different Currencies, Discount Groups, Promotional Discounts, Volume Discounts.
✓ Setup Bills of Materials for CMT or Manufacturing.
✓ Define your own Product Development Critical Path stages.

✓ Matrix processing of styles for rapid entry and view availability across multiple variants.
✓ Seasonal Forward Ordering and Stock Ordering.
✓ Real-Time stock availability with forward available to promise.
✓ Order Confirmation with pictures.
✓ Concession and Retail control with sell through recording and replenishment orders.
✓ Process packs and pieces.
✓ Pro-forma payment processing.
✓ Pick & Pack management.
✓ Import Sales Orders from Excel.
✓ Website integration.
✓ EPOS Integration.

✓ Collate Forward Sales Orders and automatically purchase the required styles.
✓ Plan and purchase raw materials for CMT or Manufacturing.
✓ Define your own Purchasing Critical Path stages.
✓ Back-to-Back purchasing from Sales (MTO).
✓ Direct Shipments.
✓ Landed Costs recording (Freight, Duty, Quota etc.) with stock valuation adjustments.
✓ Automated Supplier Invoice matching.

Business Partners
✓ Define your existing Customers, Leads and Suppliers.
✓ Create Quotations and Sales Orders for Leads and easily turn a Lead into a Customer.
✓ Multi-Currency and Multi-Language support.
✓ E-Mail documents directly from the system.
✓ Drag and Drop e-mails from your Business Partners into the system.
✓ Record all activities (Phone Calls, Meetings etc.) and synchronize to Outlook.
✓ Generate Campaigns and record responses to the campaign

Stock Control
✓ Multiple Warehouses and locations.
✓ Batch control.
✓ Cycle count recommendations and stock counting.
✓ Stock Transfer requests between warehouses.
✓ Concession and Retail stock visibility

✓ Flexible Chart of Accounts with up to 5 levels.
✓ Journal templates, journal vouchers, recurring journals.
✓ Departmental cost accounting.
✓ Budget definition and monitoring.
✓ Exchange Rate difference posting.
✓ Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss reporting with period comparisons.
✓ Incoming & outgoing payments, Payments Wizard, Deposits, Post Dated cheques.
✓ Bank Reconciliation.

✓ Multiple level Bill of Materials.
✓ Automatic or manual consumption methods.

Key Benefits

It’s extremely difficult to stay ahead in the modern globalized economy. In the fashion and fast-moving consumer products industry, it’s all about margins and a short time to market – products have to be available to customers as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. Efficiency in this market depends on the smooth flow of information and insights, which makes a good business software solution essential.
We’re experts in empowering aspiring fashion and consumer product businesses to work more productively, increase business insight, improve ways of working and exploit emerging opportunities.

✓ Concessions Module
The SAP Business One Fashion Concession Management Module allows you to accurately control and monitor your stock and sales in multiple concession outlets.
✓ Outlet Categories
Outlets can be categorized in unlimited ways for detailed analysis of sell-through data.
✓ Store Allocations
Pre-plan store allocations against your purchase orders for new ranges
✓ Sales Updates
Automatic update of daily sales and returns from stores
✓ Replenishment
Automatic replenishment from current stock, sales and stock thresholds by store
✓ Invoicing
Automatic commission invoicing to the host with immediate financial visibility

More Benefits

✓ Streamline your inventory supply-chain.
✓ Build better customer loyalty, with better customer experiences.
✓ Align your supply-chain to customers’ buying behaviors, to deliver the products they want.
✓ Innovate services, faster and more efficiently.
✓ Source from a sustainable supply-chain.
✓ Connect seamlessly to your commerce platform.
✓ Automate forecasting, planning and various assortments.

Additional Products


b1 Payroll & ESS Solution is designed to manage the processes by which employees receive their salary and Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal help employees manage their Leaves,Attendance and Personal profile. Payroll functions involve balancing and reconciling payroll data, depositing and reporting taxes.

Product Overview

B1 Payroll & ESS has various functions and features as described below:

B1 Payroll features & functions

✓ Employee Information Management
✓ All Type of Leave Management
✓ Shift Management
✓ Employee /Dependents Documents Management
✓ Documents Expiry Alerts
✓ Time and Attendance Management
✓ Payroll Management
✓ Approval process for leave and other requests.
✓ JV posting to SAP B1
✓ Employee Loan Management
✓ Biometric Integration.
✓ Masters Integrated with SAP B1
✓ Project /Site Wise costing and Accounts Posting

ESS features & functions
✓ Leave Applications.
✓ Leave Status.
✓ View Salary Slip
✓ Approval Status /Approval Request
✓ Attendance Report.
✓ Late /Early/Absent Report
✓ Personal Information
✓ Documents Expiry Alerts.
✓ Holiday List

Request Forms
✓ Leave Applications
✓ Leave Requests
✓ Material Requests
✓ ID Card Requests.
✓ Business Card Requests
✓ Official Mission Form
✓ Out permission Form
✓ Resignation /EOS Form
✓ Duty Resumption Form
✓ Employee Grievance
✓ Allowance Reimbursement Form

ESS Dashboard
✓ Current Leave Balances
✓ Upcoming Holidays
✓ Notifications
✓ View Requests
✓ Check Attendance
✓ Documents Expiry

Road Map
✓ Roster Register for Hospitality Industries.
✓ Mobile App for ESS.
✓ Appraisal Letter
✓ Branch Transfers

Product Demo

Key Benefits

b1 Payroll & ESS has various functions and features that benefits and enhances process efficiency:

Payroll Features
✓ Easy configuration for compliances
✓ Define Pay or deduction components
✓ Multiple Leave Types
✓ Handling Sick Leaves
✓ Holiday Master Setup with Date Range
✓ Loans and Advance Module
✓ Setup of Installment Schedule
✓ Employee Management
✓ Leave accruals and Detail
✓ Maintenance
✓ Employee vacation Planning
✓ Biometric integration
✓ Payroll calculation
✓ Back dated Payroll calculation
✓ Online & Offline Pay-Slip Printing
✓ Comprehensive Pay Register
✓ Salary Slip & Register
✓ LOP Days Reports
✓ Head wise summary report
✓ Employee wise pay days Absenteeism
✓ Company wise monthly wage
✓ summary
✓ Employee wise monthly wage summary
✓ Employee List
✓ Employee Addition Separation
✓ Employee New Joining
✓ Employee Contact List
✓ Employee CTC Sheet
✓ Employee Absent
✓ Report
✓ Employee Re-Joining
✓ Report
✓ New Employee Details
✓ Document expiry
✓ Reports
✓ Exceed leave report
✓ Audit Report
✓ Bank Transfer Report

Additional Products

b1 PDC

b1 PDC Solution is designed to manage Post-dated cheques that are very common in industries and have a significant impact in the accounting system. There are several challenges that quite often occurs in handling cheques and in order to eliminate such challenges, we have come up with PDC Solution to provide a simpler and better cheque management system.

Product Overview

A post-dated cheque is a scenario, where the cheque issuer has stated a date later than the current date. A post-dated cheque is used under the two prevailing situations:

Deliberate payment delay. The issuer does this in order to delay payment to the recipient, while the recipient may accept it simply because the cheque represents a firm date on which it will be able to deposit the cheque. This situation represents a risk to the cheque recipient. Since the passage of time may result in there being no cash left in the issuer’s bank account to be used to pay the amount listed on the check when it is eventually presented to the bank for payment.

Collection Method: The recipient may require the issuer to hand over a set of post-dated checks to cover a series of future payments, which the recipient agrees to cash on the specified dates. This approach is used to improve the odds of being paid, especially when the issuer has little credit.

From the perspective of the cheque issuer, there should be no journal entry to record the reduction in cash until the date listed on the cheque. From the perspective of the recipient, there should be no entry to record the increase in cash until the date listed on the cheque. Thus, the date on the cheque effectively postpones the underlying accounting transaction.

✓ Barcode Scanning.
✓ GRPO Standalone.
✓ GRPO against Purchase order.
✓ Goods Receipt.
✓ Sales invoice normal.
✓ Sales invoice intercompany.
✓ Stock Transfer.
✓ Handle last Purchase price.
✓ Auto creation of Inventory and marketing Document Creation by PDT.
✓ Internal Stock movement and Sales.

Key Benefits

b1 PDC Solution has various functions and features that benefits and enhances process efficiency:

✓ Activate Bank in Transit.
✓ Activate Cheque Discounting.
✓ Default PDC Discounted Bank A/c.
✓ Default PDC Margin Deposit A/c.
✓ Default Interest A/c.
✓ Incoming Payment series and other series.
✓ Banking for Incoming & Outgoings Payments.

Transactional Window
✓ PDC Received (Incoming).
✓ PDC Payment (Outgoing).
✓ PDC Discounting (Incoming).
✓ PDC Incoming Deposit.
✓ PDC Payment Deposit.
✓ SAP Incoming Payment.
✓ SAP Outgoing Payment.
✓ PDC Reconciliation.
✓ Manage Previous PDC reconciliation.

✓ Business Partner statement-PDC.
✓ BP Aging Customer.
✓ BP Aging Suppliers.
✓ Cheque Expiry.
✓ Cheque Cancelation.
✓ Cheque in Hand.

Additional Products

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