About SAP Ariba

Ariba is the perfect Spend Management Solution that would help
organizations to streamline

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

A single, closed-loop, source-to-contract solution bundle for managing
sourcing and suppliers across all spend categories.

SAP Ariba Commerce Automation

An easy frictionless way to digitalize transactions with all suppliers from day one.

Product Overview

The world’s largest business commerce network provides you with the tools and enablement services to quickly connect and transact with all suppliers regardless of their size or e-commerce maturity.

Reduce the Costs of managing processes and speed up cycle times.

Faster, cleaner, digital transactions radically increase efficiency and effectiveness for buyers and suppliers and improve relationships. Business rules across 28 document types drive touchless processing and reduce queries by giving visibility to status information.

Global Coverage with local knowledge and tax compliance.

With suppliers in 190 countries and supporting 24 languages, Ariba Network is truly global. Proven compliance to local tax and legal requirements for electronic invoicing in 39 countries. Pro-forma invoicing in 66 countries. API’s allow partners to extend capabilities and compliance reach.

SAP Ariba's Supplier Enablement team of over 500 dedicated do most of the on boarding work for you.

Leverage Ariba Network business rules to help guide suppliers and achieve 100% compliance

Start transacting with all your suppliers in a uniform & digitized manner.

More than 3.4 million connected companies transact $2.1+ trillion in commerce on the Ariba Network. Why? Because everything needed to manage commerce-from sourcing and orders through invoice and payment-is there for them, along with experts to help optimize the program.

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Key Benefits

Benefits for Buyers and Sellers:

  • ✤ Lower Costs by 60% (average reduction in operating costs)
  • ✤ Greater Efficiency by 50%-75% (faster transaction cycles)
  • ✤ Increased Sales by 5%-20% (increase in revenue for new customers)
  • ✤ Stronger Ties by 60% (improvement in customer retention)

Why would you like Commerce Automation?

  • ✤ Automate commerce for all spend categories, for all your suppliers on a global scale
  • ✤ Collaborate more efficiently & effectively with your trading partners
  • ✤ Fully digitized invoicing process, preventing invoice exceptions from occurring
  • ✤ Compliant for non-PO and PO invoices, contract invoices, Self-Billing invoices, and invoices for complex services
  • ✤ Strengthen the supplier relationship
  • ✤ Included value added services for supplier enablement and supplier support

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SAP Ariba Guided Buying & Invoicing

Gain more control over costs and risks in your buying processes.

Product Overview

Whether you want to improve your entire buying and settlement process end-to-end, or just part of it, SAP Ariba e-procurement software solutions deliver negotiated savings that improve your bottom line.

  • ✤ Reduce buying cycles by 50%
  • ✤ Cut supply costs by 10%
  • ✤ Lower processing costs by 25% to 60%

With SAP Ariba, you get the broadest set of capabilities on the market. Like market-leading innovations in guided buying and spot buy. Plus the most pre-enabled suppliers, easy supplier and catalogue enablement, and integration with Ariba Network – more than 3.6 million connected companies strong, and growing.

Procure to Pay

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing is the easy-to-use, procure-to-pay software solution that sets the standard for all other procurement software offerings. It’s user-friendly, with streamlined catalogue maintenance and a configurable interface.

The solution can help your business become more agile by allowing you to better control global spend with flexible management and visibility tools. SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing also helps you to simplify commerce by consolidating and managing all your key processes.

Buyers from large, midsize, and growing companies enjoy the simple and smart guided buying experience. It delivers a quick ROI through built-in approval flows that ensure both catalogue and contract compliance. The result: Your negotiated savings actually reach your bottom line.

Guided Buying

Guided buying brings suppliers and buyers together to help streamline procurement. By encouraging your employees to follow procurement guidelines - without having to read them first - you can help them quickly and easily buy goods and services from preferred suppliers with minimal support from your procurement teams.

With this built-in capability of SAP Ariba procurement solutions, you can:

  • ✤ Reduce buying cycles by 50%• Use integrated supplier performance management tools to expand supplier participation
  • ✤ Collaborate with suppliers directly through the buying interface
  • ✤ Embed rules to ensure the buying process is compliant with your procurement policies

You’ll also boost adoption of your SAP Ariba procurement solution because all users, from the occasional to the frequent buyer, will find the buying experience easier and more satisfying.

Spot Buying

When it doesn’t make sense to source a one-off or emergency purchase, turn to SAP Ariba Spot Buy. This innovative capability of SAP Ariba Procurement solutions* provides:

  • ✤ An easy way to quickly find and buy what you need from among more than 10 million items
  • ✤ Collaborate with suppliers directly through the buying interface A trusted source of supply from hundreds of pre-enabled suppliers
  • ✤ Control, because you customize it according to your policies and procedures, and then receive detailed data for monitoring and reconciling transactions

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Key Benefits

  • ✤ Find: When an item can’t be found in the company catalogue, users search the SAP Ariba Spot Buy catalogue, filtering results by category, brand, and price.
  • ✤ Approve: Configurable business rules and spot buy-specific workflow enforce corporate policies.
  • ✤ Buy: Approved purchase requisitions trigger checkout, secure payment, and shipment of goods.

SAP Ariba Spot Buy benefits suppliers, too. It provides them with a sales channel through which they can not only boost sales to existing customers, but also generate new sales and gain additional market share by offering their goods when and where buyers need them.

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SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass - Find, engage and manage all types of flexible resources.

Product Overview

SAP Fieldglass, a longstanding leader in external talent management and services procurement, is used by organizations around the world. Our cloud-based, open platform has been deployed in more than 180 countries and helps companies transform how work gets done, increase operational agility and accelerate business outcomes in the digital economy. Backed by the resources of SAP, our customers benefit from a roadmap driven by a continuous investment in innovation.

Using a vendor management system to manage projects and services

Organizations today frequently use outside resources to deliver services across a variety of labour categories. While it’s very common for companies to engage with third-party vendors to provide IT services, they’re also utilizing outside resources to provide financial services, engineering, marketing, advertising, print, construction, maintenance and management consulting, among other sectors. These engagements are often managed independently of one another with many elements during the process — from requirements and budget, to supplier expectations and milestones defined and executed on an ad hoc basis. Additionally, with different managers, departments and geographies using inconsistent and disparate processes for management, companies are losing visibility into this growing segment of spend and headcount.

The SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS) manages projects and services by automating processes throughout the procurement lifecycle. SAP Fieldglass is used by large organizations around the world to simplify how external service providers are engaged, ensure compliance to safety and security policies, measure the quality of services being delivered, and realize cost savings that can range from 8-12% in the first year.

Non-employee budget

According to recent research from SAP Fieldglass and Oxford Economics, an average of 44% of payroll budgets goes to the external workforce — essentially any project governed by an SOW or outsourced to a non-employee.

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Key Benefits

SAP Fieldglass can handle the management of a variety of Statement of Work (SOW) engagements including projects, offshore/offsite, independent contractors, managed programs, business services and BPOs. No matter the engagement type, the SAP Fieldglass VMS simplifies the services procurement process through the following functionalities:

  • ✤ A multi-bid SOW created in SAP Fieldglass provides the service/bid requirements to the chosen suppliers in a standardized, detailed and complete format. The SOW can be created from a predefined template of questions or by copying a previously used SOW.
  • ✤A collaboration mechanism for internal staff to collaborate on the SOW bid criteria before it is released to suppliers for response. Customers and suppliers have the ability to define terms and conditions as well as alternate methods of defining the payment schedules for invoicing purposes.
  • ✤ A template library for reuse and consistency, collaboration and red lining tools which track changes and edits, as well as approval workflows that ensure terms and budgets are authorized prior to project kick-off.
  • ✤ On- and off boarding workflows are incorporated into the SOW to ensure that suppliers have completed the appropriate steps prior to beginning work on the project.
  • ✤ A variety of payment terms that allow flexible invoicing capabilities on supplier agreements. SOW payment terms can be schedule-based, event-based, fee-based and/or team-based.
  • ✤ The ability to track headcount and equipment, providing visibility into the entire labour workforce. Companies can track re-hire eligibility status, and credential and license management.

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SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

Simplify and speed up system integration and deliver a secure, reliable,
and unified user experience.

Product Overview

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration, gives you that fast, simple way to connect your back-end systems without the need for multiple adapters. Intuitive self-service tools let you quickly configure, extend, and test processes, while automated upgrades and monitoring make it easy to keep transactions flowing smoothly.

Key Benefits

With this single integration gateway to Ariba Network, you can help your company:

  • ✤ Speed up end-to-end integration
  • ✤ Quickly connect with all trading partners
  • ✤ Optimize procurement processes and your supply chain
  • ✤ Enjoy a faster market-to-cash cycle
  • ✤ Achieve touch less e-commerce transactions
    • • Realize a lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment
    • • SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway is available to facilitate transactions between buyers and suppliers on Ariba Network as well as for integrating SAP Ariba cloud applications.

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